UpLeet FAQ

What is UpLeet?

UpLeet is platform that allows YouTube and Twitch creators to make money by promoting new mobile games. Easy as pewdiepie.

How does UpLeet work?

After signing up, you will see a list of live games that you can promote. You choose a game suitable to your audience and we’ll give you a unique install link. Make a gameplay video and share this link with your audience. You will get paid for every viewer that installs the game.

What kind of videos should I make?

“Let’s play” videos do a great job of going over the game features, strategy and any tips you may have. Here’s an example video. Series videos are another great idea. They allow you to get multiple videos out for the same game, resulting in more revenue for your channel.

How much can I expect to earn?

It depends on the size of your channel and the quality of your promotional video. We usually see conversion rates of 3-8% from video view to game install.

Install vs. Flat rate payment.

In today’s world, the success of a mobile marketing campaign is driven by installs. Game advertisers are happy to spend big budgets on install based campaigns but are often hesitant on making flat rate payments. An install based payment will continuously earn you income over a flat rate model.

I don’t see any games that fit with my subs.

Not to worry. We have a team that is on the hunt for the best new games on the market. We’ll send you a weekly email of the new games available.

My audience installed the app but I don’t see any earnings in my account.

Patience young grasshopper. It often takes a few hours for the install to be tracked and the money to arrive in your account. Often your viewer has to play the game from 30 seconds - 1 minute for the install to be tracked.

How do I get paid?

You will get paid for every game install that you generate. Once you have over $100 in your account we will send you monthly payments via Paypal.

When will I get paid?

This month’s earnings will be paid within the first week of the following month. For example, if you make $500 in January, you can expect that payment to be in your account by the first week of February.

What happens when a campaign gets paused?

In the rare case that a campaign gets paused, you will not be able to earn any more money from the campaign. You will still get paid out for all of the money you previously earned.

Why does the game have an install cap?

Sometimes the game advertiser will put a ‘cap’ on the number of installs that you can generate. We push for the highest caps possible, but unfortunately you won’t get paid out for any installs over and above your cap.

Why does the game have listed countries?

Often the game advertiser will restrict the geo they want the campaign to run in. We try our best to get global campaigns but unfortunately you won’t get paid out for any installs that come from viewers outside of the restricted countries.